Wednesday, January 15, 2020


After this semester, there are many things that I feel have changed about my relationship with media. For example, in the very beginning of this class, we learned some skills that we should use as we are browsing social media platforms. When we first went over these as a class, I didn't really think much of it. However, as the semester kept going, I slowly started to realize the importance of these skills. For example, healthy skepticism. When we first talked about this, I thought to myself "Why would I need to be skeptical, when I'm just talking to my friends on my phone." Well, turns out, healthy skepticism helps us know our boundaries, and if something doesn't look right, or good for us, we can use this skill to help us make our next move.

I personally believe that the amount of media I consume impacts my life in many ways. I have noticed that the amount of sleep I get, depends entirely on how much time I spend on my phone. Even if I go to bed early, if I am on my phone right before I go to sleep, I tend to take longer to fall asleep, and I don't sleep as well as I could. Also, if I get home from a long day of school, and I go on my phone for an hour before I start my homework, I am wasting so much time that I could be spending on trying to improve my grades. I will spend so much time on my phone, and not even notice it because of how fast time flies when I'm on it. However, I do believe that throughout this semester my media consumption habits have greatly changed. I have noticed how much time I would spend on my phone, and I tried my best to reduce that time, and focus on studying and schoolwork more. This has honestly paid off, and I'm very glad I noticed this about myself.

Overall, I think that having this blog was not exactly how I expected it to be, but a very good experience. I did not expect it to have such a positive impact on me. Through these blog posts, I was able to get a greater understanding of how much social media affects my daily life, and other aspects of the modern media world, where tv shows and companies try to manipulate their audience into buying specific products. This was definitely a great experience, and I really enjoyed creating this blog and expanding my knowledge about media this semester!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

How Do Women Make These Social Issues Better/Worse For Each other?

There are many issues and conflicts that go on between men and women, but no one really talks about the conflict between women vs. women. There are some scenarios, where girls completely support each other, in almost every situation. However, most of the time, if a girl is to post something online that is revealing a little bit of her body, or with a controversial caption, everyone immediately thinks to say hatful things to her. Many times women are jealous of other women, because they feel insecure about themselves. They take their own insecurities out on other women. I think that many times, important women influencers talking about how every girl is beautiful inside and out, only makes some girls more and more insecure. This is because, the most popular women influencers, are always the most beautiful, or the most fit women. When these women talk about how beautiful all the girls are, while wearing a full face of make up and told of hair product, it makes the views feel like they will only be as beautiful as them if they are to buy the products. At the same time however, I am all for the girls supporting girls situation, and I do not think any girl should ever be body shamed or something like that because of her appearance.

Are The Miss Representation Issues Getting Better?

In the documentary we watched last week, called Miss Representation, there were quite a few issues that were brought up. For example, teens being addicted to their phones, and specifically girls, being judged on the way they look. I believe that both of these issues still exist today, and has perhaps gotten even worse. Especially the fact that teenage girls are constantly being judges on their appearances. This issue has a large effect on society today, because these stereotypes make it so hard for a girl to be confident in herself. If other people don't see her an beautiful, then it will be even more difficult for her to look at herself in that way. Obviously, most boys have no intention on making girls feel this way, however I think that this barrier between girls and boys has been in place for so many years that it is so hard to get rid of. Many times girls think this way about boys too. Sometimes, if they don't find them appealing, then they won't even make an effort to get to know them. This is such an unfortunate thing, however it just happens to be how it is.

Even though some of these issues in the video have gotten worse, there are a couple things that have gotten better. For example, a lot of the documentary was about how females don't necessarily get big roles in movies or TV shows, but I feel like recently, it has been the other way around almost, and most of the characters in some of my favorite shows are women.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Is Charli D'Amelio Taking Over Tik Tok? (Updated Version)

I know what you all have been thinking... does Charli still have "The Hype?" Well, the answer to your question is yes. In fact, Charli has been getting even more popular. She currently has around 15 million followers!! AT this point, nobody is surprised when some over her videos get over 40 million views. She is only a 15 year old girl, and now, her life is changed forever. Not only does Charli still have "The Hype," but she now lives in the Hype House. What is the Hype House, you might ask. Well, it is a giant house, in Los Angeles California, where about 15-20 different tik tokers live together. However, Charli is honestly starting to grow on me. She has recently been collabing with other tik towers such as Chase Hudson, and Addison Rae, and I like them both. I'm starting to see that she is genuinely a talented dancer, and just a girl trying to have fun. She also has an older sister, named Dixie who is becoming pretty famous as well. She is 18 years old, and her and her sister are very close.

Charli has recently been invited to many photoshoots, and different shows, that would help promote their show, and appeal to kids our age who really like her. This would be using the testimonial technique, because it allows kids to be drawn in through Charli being included.

Mexico Vendors

On this cruise, we made a couple stops at different Mexico cities. The main one we went to was Cabo San Lucas, which was also my favorite. When I was at all of these cities, we would be walking around downtown, or sitting on the beach, and all of the sudden there are vendors everywhere, trying to sell you something. Everyone knows that the most important thing with the vendors is that you can bargain with them. They are usually very flexible with their prices, because they want to m make all the money that they can. When they try to sell you something, they put lots and lots of pressure on you, and keep following you. If you show the slightest bit of interest in the product they are trying to sell, they will keep asking you to buy it, and show you they they are flexible with their prices. The way that they advertise for themselves is just basically yelling something like "Bracelets! Towels! Blankets!" etc.

These vendors definitely use the need for aesthetic sensations, and the need to satisfy curiosity. This is because they try to sell you these beautiful things, like bottle openers that are hand crafted, and blankets/bracelets that were made by their own family members. Also, the need to satisfy curiosity is used, because many of the people who travel to Mexico are Americans, who are unfamiliar with the way these people live, and the vendors show the travelers that their lives are very hard, walking along the hot beach all day trying to make enough money to support their families.

These vendors definitely use the Plain Folks technique, because many of the things they sell are things we can use in our everyday lives, around the house or at work. Also, they use Gestalt, because all of their products are unique, and colorful, and somewhat different than the things we are used to. The most important and most used technique however, is bribery. These vendors never really have a set price for any of their products, and they are always willing to bargain with you in order to meet both of your guys' needs.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Frito Lays- Share Your Favorite Things Commercial

In a very recent Frito Lay commercial, we see as Anna Kendrick, who many people love so much from the movie Pitch Perfect, sings the 'Frito Lay Anthem,' which is basically just advertising all the different types of chips frito lays has to offer. It was a song that brought up almost any type of chip you could think of, and put it all into a song/music video to the tune of "these are a few of my favorite things" from the sound of music. However, it was also very Christmas themed. All the families and neighbors were together while decorating the house for Christmas.

This commercial was probably using the Testimonial and Transfer Association Techniques. This is using the Testimonial technique because obviously, Anna Kendrick, is a celebrity, and famous singer and many people love the movies that she has starred in. Also, the Transfer Association technique was used because of how happy everyone in the commercial was, singing and eating the product they they are trying to sell.


Crest- The Official Toothpaste of Santa

Who would have ever thought that there could be a toothpaste, that was officially for Santa! Well apparently there is. In a Crest Toothpaste commercial that came out November 18, 2019, the audience was able to see how crest is the perfect toothpaste for Santa. In the commercial, we see as Santa is going around and visiting houses, while he is eating the cookies that all the families leave pout for him. He then joins Mrs. Clause in eating more cookies later on. After a long day of eating sugary treats like these, Santa is going to need some pretty strong and high quality toothpaste in order to clean his teeth of all of those sweets. In the commercial, Crest shows how their toothpaste is the perfect one, and if it can fix saints teeth after eating so much sugar, it can fix anyone else's' as well.

This commercial could be using the need for guidance, in order to show the audience that Santa, who many kids look up to, is brushing his teeth with this Crest toothpaste. Also, this could be great for families, because many times parents have very hard times getting their kids to brush their teeth, however, if kids were to see this commercial, they would be motivated to brush their teeth in order to be like Santa, and probably to get on his nice list.

This commercial could be using the Transfer Association, Plain Folks, and Testimonial advertising techniques. The transfer association is being used because of how all of the kids love Santa, and most of the time, when you hear the words Santa, and Christmas, a positive image pops into your head, because these things have a positive connotation to us based on our past expiriences. The company could be using the Plain Folks technique, because it is very normal for families in America to be celebrating Christmas the traditional way, with a tree and presents, which is what they show in the commercial. Lastly, in this commercial, they are definitely using the Testimonial technique, because Santa is considered to be a celebrity to most kids in their child hoods, and it appeals to most families with young kids.



After this semester, there are many things that I feel have changed about my relationship with media. For example, in the very beginning of ...